Two Great Courses To Choose From

Response Oriented Selling

Helps dramatically increase ad revenue

New Hires Course

Helps ad reps stabilize their territory fast

Our flagship course teaches local publications an approach to ad sales that drives major ad revenue fast. It teaches local daily, weekly, and monthly publications (and startups and individual ad reps) a highly effective approach to ad sales focusing on selling response rather than the attributes of the media.

It has been installed at over 1,000 newspapers worldwide in the past 20 years. Many of our clients believe it's the fastest way to drive ad revenue. Learn more about the philosophy of the course, its 10 different modules, as well a wide variety of configurations and pricing available.

We also developed a 150-page course to help solve one specific challenge: reduce the time it takes for a brand new, inexperienced ad rep to get productive in their territory. Typically, it can take months for an ad rep to learn the ropes and get their ad sales back up to the level of the previous one.


This course can reduce that time to just a week or two in many cases. In fact, newspapers often give their new hires access to this course immediately after the offer is extended but before their first day on the job, ensuring they hit the ground running. Learn more.

ABOUT THIS SITE  |  This site is the home of Bob McInnis' Response Oriented Selling newspaper ad sales training program. It also shares a number of insights as well as offers a basic new hires program for brand new ad reps just looking to stabilize their territory.


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