Video: eliminating upfront stalls and objections

Here's how to overcome virtually every upfront stall and objection your newspaper ad reps get and why they should resist just answering the objection they're presented with


Play this video at your next advertising sales meeting. It shows ad reps how to eliminate virtually every upfront stall and objection they're getting in those first 30 seconds of a cold call (which often discourages them from making more cold calls).


Objections include "I have no money", "my budget is all set", "we're in a recession so I can't advertise", "I have no time", "print is dead", "you don't have enough circulation", and "your newspaper doesn't work for me".


It's a little piece of the course I posted for my weekly video training and spec ad subscribers, so I refer to later steps in the selling process I teach (like the Response Model), but this'll help your ad reps no matter what they do next.

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