Making Your Ad Sales Soar By Selling Response

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Don't have the highest circulation in your market or the lowest rates? Are your prospects claiming they have no money and that your print and digital publications no longer work? Are they turning to "free" social media instead?


Don't let that prevent you or your ad staff from bringing in serious ad revenue. You just need to make the shift to selling response.


Enabling your staff to start selling the only thing their prospective advertisers actually care about–response–is no longer just a nice way to approach the sale but a matter of survival.


In this 60-minute Webinar, Bob McInnis will show how selling response enables you to increase your sales dramatically and more easily than you ever imagined.


With local businesses’ options to drive revenue now including organic search, pay-per-click, marketing automation, content marketing, and other methods, they’re becoming increasingly convinced they can cut traditional print and digital advertising spend and build proprietary audiences themselves.


When done right, selling response eliminates the common misconception in your prospects’ (and ad reps’) minds that print and digital advertising response is unpredictable at best and, at worst, that traditional media is expensive, ineffective, and irrelevant. Selling response will get them to spend, and spend what they need to to succeed.


In this seminar, Bob will explain how your department can make that shift including:


  • The philosophy of selling response
  • The differences between it and traditional approaches
  • How the approach overcomes even most media-related objections
  • Why so many newspapers think they’re doing it already when they're not
  • Why local businesses want to be approached this way but will tell you otherwise
  • The architecture of a response oriented sales process
  • The shift that publishers, ad directors, and ad reps need to make it work
  • The challenges involved in ensuring your ad reps are selling response
  • What Bob’s learned about making a response-based program stick
  • Examples of selling response in action


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Length: 60 minutes

Date: On demand

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