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“If all newspapers adopted Bob's principles, the industry wouldn't be having the trouble it is.”

— Jim Thompson, Publisher, Coeur d'Alene Press

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What is Response Oriented Selling?

A revolutionary approach to selling

local print and digital advertising

used by over 1,000 publications worldwide.

We teach local daily, weekly, and monthly publications (and individual ad reps) a complete but very different kind of approach to ad sales focusing on selling response rather than the attributes of the media.

It makes your ad rep significantly more effective at every stage of the call: recognizing hidden revenue, breaking through objections like "I'm all set", "I have no money", "you're too expensive", "print is dead", "I only do social media", asking the right questions, analyzing the information, creating a bullet-proof presentation, presenting it, and overcoming any remaining objections.

We say "any remaining objections" because, with our approach, the prospective advertiser overcomes his own objections well before the presentation is ever made, making closing the sale an easy and enjoyable experience for the ad rep and the local business.

Many of our clients believe it contains the missing key to higher ad revenue they didn't even realize they were missing.

We understand that while most ad reps are taught to sell quality editorial, readership, impressions, demographics, and rates (maybe with a pretty spec ad thrown in), it's not enough to get local businesses to run. That's because a local business doesn't really care about these things.

All they want to know is "will I get a response?" You see, they've learned over the years that even when their ad is reaching enough of the right people in the right places, they often still don't get a response.

They also believe response is unpredictable. So they run as small as they possibly can to limit their risk. Or run in the cheapest publication. Or not at all. They start to believe what they've heard, that print and even paid digital is dead. So they go on social media, which doesn't work either, but at least they get no response there for free.

This is the environment your ad reps walk into every day. It's discouraging, a bit humiliating, and leads to high employee turnover and reduced sales worse than anything a changing industry can cause.

By selling advertising in this difficult environment and believing there must be a better solution, we developed a different approach from the ground up where we focus our efforts on selling the overall response package, not just the vehicle.

Not just making pretty spec ads, but teaching ad reps how to fix the incorrect and tightly held beliefs local advertisers have and then showing them how to actually prove, using the prospect's new belief system, why response will occur beyond a doubt.

1,000+ newspapers later, we've become known by newspapers and their ad reps as the easiest, most effective way to bring in significant revenue. With a selling style that is not only comfortable for the ad rep to use, but keeps the advertiser's interests on the same level as the newspaper's, allowing everyone to sleep at night. More...

Whether you're a big daily, a small monthly, a startup, or an individual ad rep, there's a program specifically tailored to you.

Ranging from $59 to $18,500.

Larger dailies

and weekly groups

On-site ad sales, management coaching, designer training and much more. More



Just starting a publication? Ensure you bring in that critical revenue. More

Smaller dailies and weekly groups

A hybrid of on-site and web-based training but the same great techniques. More


Individual ad reps

Want to get to the next level with your ad sales without your peers? More


No experience? Get on par with your competition's ad reps with this course. More

Very small newspapers

Entirely web-based course for smaller pubs with very small budgets. More



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Newspapers who generate dramatic, sustained revenue increases from their ad sales training do certain things that the less successful ones don't. I've witnessed this firsthand while working with over 1,000 publications throughout the years.

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ABOUT THIS SITE  |  This site is the home of Bob McInnis' Response Oriented Selling newspaper ad sales training program. It also shares a number of insights as well as offers a basic new hires program for brand new ad reps just looking to stabilize their territory.


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What's in it?
A free, 25-page e-book to ensure your next training initiative is an unprecedented success.


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