Give your staff everything they need to make a major sale every week of the year



In today's market, every sale counts more than ever, but the way most ad reps are approaching the sale just isn't good enough. And newspapers have dwindling resources in both time and money to help their ad reps.


That's why I've built everything you need to get your sales staff selling dramatically more print and digital in a very inexpensive service to drive major revenue fast.


It's not unusual for smaller newspapers to sell $25,000 contracts using this service. In fact, even the smallest newspapers–or even individual ad reps–can experience major gains in revenue fast.


It’s like having a personal training manger, coach, new business development manager, ad strategist, and designer all wrapped up in one small monthly fee.


First, I personally train your staff live via Webinar on some of the most effective ad sales techniques available. Next, I provide them with detailed presentations, complete with stunning and effective ad strategies. Then I coach them through individual presentations, showing them how to sell each and every one exactly the way I would.


"We sold our very first Presentation Pack to a kitchen remodeler. A 4 col x 16" ad for 13 weeks! This advertiser hadn't been interested in running but we followed the Bob's process, getting the prospect to visualize the ad before showing it to him and he signed without a single objection."

          – Michelle Robinson, The Post Register, Idaho Falls, ID


I've presented these multiple times, closing $30,000 - $40,000 worth of contracts in an afternoon or $300,000 in a few days, all by doing exactly what I show here. In effect, your staff gets to look over the shoulder of an ad sales pro who is presenting the same expertly designed ad they will have access to.


Your ad reps get to look over my shoulder and see exactly how I did my homework, analysis and conducted every step of the sales call with each presentation.


For the past 20 years, I've been helping newspapers bring in startling amounts of revenue despite the condition of the economy. During the last recession, one newspaper I trained continued to bring in an additional $100,000 per month for two years. More recently, I've also sold ads for newspapers as a "hired gun", helping a different newspaper close $300,000 in less than a week. I have over 1,000 newspaper clients in all. It's not unusual for me to help close $30,000 - $40,000 worth of contracts in one afternoon using these exact same presentations.


I have a pretty good track record, too. Suburban Newspapers of America voted my program "the best idea of all time". I've spoken at the American Press Institute mulitple times and the World Association of Newspapers flew me to Madrid to share this approach with the international community.


Early in my career, the 750,000 circulation daily Newsday/New York Newsday hired me from a group of small weeklies in New York to become their ad sales training director in charge of 100 ad reps with the same techniques I share with your staff. We brought in an additional $3 million that first year during the recession of the early 90's. It was then that I realized I could help other newspapers dramatically increase revenue with my techniques.


Our first Presentation Pack we presented was the chiropractor one. We sold a $25,000 contract. The advertiser loved it! Keep setting us up and we'll keep knocking them down!

          – Bee Publications, Amherst, NY


So, now you can have access to a suite of live and video-based training and sales tools that previously were only accessible to our larger daily newspaper clients (like the Hartford Courant, Cincinnati Enquirer, Oregonian, and Honolulu Advertiser).


What's included in this service:


Live Response Oriented Selling training

First, I'll teach your staff some of the best ad sales skills in the business (we have over 1,000 clients who agree). New skills that'll get your local businesses running larger and more frequently with both your print and digital products. Look around elsewhere on this site, watch my videos, and read my blog and you'll begin to see how effective these techniques are at not only driving serious ad sales but resulting in a dramatic increase in response for your business community. A truly win-win approach to selling advertising.


The training is delivered via Webinar every month, so your new hires will always be less than 30 days away from learning the secrets to driving print and mobile revenue.



150-page new hires course

Speaking of new hires, your membership also gains you access to an approximately 150-page course that gives them everything they need to start selling advertising tomorrow, saving you hours (if not days) sitting with an ad rep going over all the intricate details of their new profession.


The 10 chapters include familiarizing the new ad rep with their publication and various departments, approaching a new territory, ad layout, reading a rate card, reserving space, creating spec ads, calling on new accounts, selling their various products, territory management, conducting the first and second sales calls and overcoming objections.



We sold three different chiropractors a full-page contract as well as three realtors also on a full-page yearly contract using the Presentation Packs

          – Coeur d'Alene Press, Coeur d'Alene, ID



Weekly coaching videos targeting different high potential accounts

Let your ad reps look over my shoulder while I research, create, and execute a different presentation each week, walking them through each step and explaining exactly how to make the sale. Each week, your staff gets an email giving them access to three coaching videos explaining each stage of the sales call (informational, creating the presentation, and a role play of the final presentation). Plus how to sell the digital version, selling long copy ads, ads with lots of selection and price, and all sorts of other specialized videos on various parts of the sale.


The key things the ad rep needs to do at each stage are spelled out in detail, based on my personal successes presenting very similar ads directly to my clients' prospects. Again, these are actual presentations I've frequently closed for $30,000 - $40,000 worth of contracts in an afternoon or $300,000 in a few days doing exactly what I show here.


We sold a furniture store a huge ad on contract right away. The ad reps find the live Webinars so helpful, they actually ask to attend multiple times, something that's unusual for any ad staff.

          – Medicine Hat News, Medicine Hat, AB



Stunning ad examples

At the heart of each Presentation Pack is a stunning PDF ad example. Typically, it only take a few adjustments on your end to make it ready to sell.


I've "recycled" these many times for presentations in different markets and it usually only takes swapping out a little of the copy and the logo to make it good to go, something most in-house designers can do with ease (although we also have a phenomenal overnight design team if you're interested in outsourcing your ad production).


How can these ads be so appropriate for businesses in different markets around the world? Because, as we teach, the most effective ads are the ones whose content focuses on the advertiser's target customer and why they buy the product or service from one place rather than another.


Since these reasons rarely change from place to place, when the ad strategy is right, typically it works (and sells) well in any market.


These presentations can also be recycled within your market, too. If the first jewelry store turns you down (or doesn't want to commit to the right size or frequency), you can easily make some adjustments and sell his competitor.


I just sold a local brewing company on a 6 col x 8" ad every week. This was a pure McInnis sale!

          – Shannon Oseen, Post Register



You'll also get:


PowerPoints, and Keynotes for every device (or to print out)

Accompanying each Presentation Pack is a PowerPoint (and a Keynote version if you're on an Apple device) that'll help keep your ad staff on track with their new selling techniques and presentations. New ways to walk the prospects into believing that the ad will work and that the size and frequency aren't a waste but instead critical to their success are also included in each.



Live presentations to a specific account and prospective advertiser seminars

Need more help? This service is guaranteed to be profitable or we'll work with your prospects one-on-one to help sell the contracts for you via Webinar. We can even conduct general prospective advertiser Webinars where we show them how to succeed with your publication, both in print and digital, sponsored by your newspaper.



Today I sold a $13,000 contract to a restaurant with your training and the restaurant Presentation Pack. Thanks Bob!

          – Dustin Patte, Ithaca Times


Digital sales

Want your ad reps to sell both print and digital in one presentation? They'll learn how in the live sales training. Even better, there are separate PowerPoint/Keynote files that can be "plugged-into" the main presentation documents just for this purpose. Selling digital has never been easier, even for those legacy ad reps some consider unable to sell these products.






Guarantee: if you're having any trouble using our training approach and sales materials, we'll personally help you present to your prospects to ensure an ROI.


Call us at (631) 477-2505 or send us an email to talk more or even set up a demo to see it in action.


I wanted you to know I just made a $3,900 sale to an RV dealer using the RV Presentation Pack and your one-on-one coaching. Thanks for all your help.

          – Danny Patrick, Coastal Angler Magazine




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