Our Basic Ad Sales Course for New Hires

You can order our 150-page ad sales course for new ad reps below using PayPal. There are a few versions of the course available depending on if you'd rather take the course online, buy a downloadable PDF you can print, or purchase a Word document you can customize for your own department.


Our clients find this course pays for itself with the very first sale, saves them thousands in lost revenue, helps the new ad rep experience fast growth, and reduces turnover by ensuring the ad rep gets traction before getting discouraged.


  • If you're an individual ad rep paying their own way, get access to the course for two weeks for $59.
  • If you're a manager or publisher at a newspaper, get two years' access to the course for $495 (includes a webinar).
  • If you'd like to download a PDF version of the course, it's $795.
  • If you'd like an editable Word version, it's $1,195.
Choose a version:

Response Oriented Selling

Keep in mind, the above basic ad sales course is included in all configurations of our flagship program, Response Oriented Selling, designed to transform your staff's ability to sell more, larger, and more frequent print and digital advertising. If your department has challenging revenue goals, it may be worth taking a look at our various packages of that course first.


If you're interested in buying any configuration of our Response Oriented Selling ad sales course, contact us and we'll help you find the version that's best for your needs and budget.


ABOUT THIS SITE  |  This site is the home of Bob McInnis' Response Oriented Selling newspaper ad sales training program. It also shares a number of insights as well as offers a basic new hires program for brand new ad reps just looking to stabilize their territory.


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